CockTales Podcast is hosted by KiKI and Medinah Monroe. Both women are in different stages of their love lives, one is single and one in a serious relationship. The two young women give uncensored  accounts about their sex and dating lives, relationships, and what it's really like to navigate the sea of love in Atlanta. On CockTales, the ladies gather over a great drink and discuss the latest happenings in their sexual experiences.

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The name says it all.

If you pronounced it right lol

Normelebrity derives from the words Normal & Celebrity. AND THE MEANING IS SIMPLE: Support the people you know the way you support celebrities.

The idea came to me after realizing how many talented people I am constantly surrounded by.

The talent varies from, hairstylist, chefs, public figures, singers, actors... and believe it or not that list goes on.

I became acutely aware that I might be looking at the next Picasso, Coco Chanel or even the next Denzel Washington.

And who wouldn't want to support that? I do. And I believe you do too.

This project is all about reminding you that the people YOU KNOW, LIVE WITH AND LOVE are just as skilled as the people we see on TV -and they need your support.

Imagine the success we could all share if we all put some support behind their/YOUR creativity.

It's about the time before the success comes.

It's about the process and the process isn't always easy. My goal through Normelebrity  is to help with that.

I don't want the everyday, hardworking people to go unnoticed. Normelebrity admires the "dreamers" dedication and I want to spread that positive message created by the very people we personally know and are connected to!







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